The Head Start

Say Hello to Startr Co. 2.0!

Startr Co. began in 2016 with a simple premise—that startups and emerging brands deserved a first-in-class PR partner who could help them grow.

The Art of Deep Work

As we take on public relations for startups here at Startr Co., we oftentimes find ourselves with a lot of tasks across administration and media relations. To-do lists seem to constantly expand. Of course, we want to produce the best work product for both our agency and our clients.

The Benefits of Conducting a Media Deskside Tour

As a public relations professional, one of the most important aspects of our job is building and nurturing real and authentic relationships with media contacts. One of the ways we do this is through deskside meetings where we are able to get face time.

Company Culture: How You Know You’ve Found Your Tribe

Finding a job right out of college is TOUGH since most employers require some type of experience before you even step in the door.

Mastering Personalization in Media Pitching

Building relationships with media is one of the many important components to securing amazing press. When conducting media outreach for startups, Startr Co. has taken a personalized and strategic approach that contributes to our success on behalf of clients.