Say Hello to Startr Co. 2.0!

By Monica Guzman Escobar

Startr Co. began in 2016 with a simple premise—that startups and emerging brands deserved a first-in-class PR partner who could help them grow.

Since then, our PR for startups has fueled some of the most innovative brands coming out of all corners of the country. We have launched products, celebrated expanded distribution, supported huge financing news, contributed to the winning of awards, and much more. We have welcomed and lost team members. And all of it has been a crucial part of our company journey.

Today, as that journey continues, we are excited to introduce Startr Co. 2.0! Learning everything we have over the last 3 years—about our craft, our culture, and our values as an agency—we felt it was time to make some updates. While we remain true to the reason we started the company back in 2016, we are evolving to be an even better version of ourselves.

One thing that is not changing is that we will continue to offer Fortune 500-quality PR services at startup-friendly rates. We remain as excited as ever to be working with game-changing emerging brands, and will continue to advise our clients on ways to create buzz that can help them grow and thrive.

A couple things that are changing...

New logo, who dis?

As you can see, we gave our Startr Co. logo a bit of a makeover. She was already gorgeous, but we felt we could make her an even better representation of who we are. She’s modern, she’s colorful and more than anything, she’s multi-dimensional. She’s doing big things.

A website to WOW!

As our calling card, and to show off our new look, we redid the Startr Co. website. We wanted it to be clear that we are an agency on a mission. We also wanted to better explain who we are (with fun photos to match), what we do, and why we do it. More than anything, we wanted to make sure that the Startr Co. personality was able to shine through so current and potential clients and team members felt like they understood what we’re all about.

New digs.

While you can’t see it from this blog post, we redid our office space to embody our new look and feel in the flesh. Come hang out and say hi! Check out our blue walls, share a snack with us and enjoy a tour through client sample wonderland where we show off all the amazing brands we work with. We love coming into the office every day, not least of which is because of our new space.

While a new logo, website, and office are the bees knees, what really makes Startr Co. are the amazing people who fill its halls every day. These smiley folks can be found writing a mean pitch, on calls with journalists, brainstorming the next big event, scouring influencer profiles, etc. If you’re a client, you know them well - they call, text, and email you to make magic happen. If you’re a fellow team member, you know them as part of our Startr Co. family. If you don’t know them, you can get to know more by keeping up with our blog where we will all be contributing our words of wisdom on all things strategy consulting for startups. and PR. I consider myself lucky to be one of them and together, we are excited for this next phase of Startr Co.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!
Xo, Monica

Monica Guzman Escobar

Startr Co. CEO

For almost 15 years, Monica has made public relations her home. As CEO of Startr Co. she prioritizes people—both clients and teams—to deliver on a PR experience that is second to none.